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Rad Austin Magazine

Posted on April 3, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Jitterbug Vipers had a interview with Rad Austin Magazine, and it is on now!!

This is a great interview about history of Jitterbug Vipers. My part was kinda miss communication, some of words are different from what I meant, it is all about my language pronaunciation issue!!!

And sad news is I lost my LunchWithMasumi domain, and couple of issues with musicians (moved away, being sick, too busy....etc), so online show Jazz at Noon series ended. I will upload all the archives video in this website soon, so you can enjoy them again though!!

My first band Groovin' Girls (1995-2000) reunited last summer in Tokyo Japan, and recorded an album in 1&1/2 days, this recording will be release soon, I can't tell details yet, but it will be very fun year!!!! Thanks, and LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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