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G.G.(Groovin' Girls reunited)

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 3:55 PM

Long time ago, 20th century around 1996, when I was still a student in the Berklee school of music, I started my career as a drummer.

In Boston, mostly I worked for the band "Satin Coast" lead by Chris Luard, and "Groovin' Girls" formed by 3 Japanese female (Takana Miyamoto piano, Noriko Ueda bass and me) in the Berklee. I almost played every night around Boston, Groovin Girls made the first album with mostly original songs "Piece of Cake", we toured in US and Japan, festivals and clubs. We even debuted on the national cable TV show "BET on Jazz Central" on Black Entertainment Channel in 1998, actually this wonderful opportunity came from Christian McBride! He couldn't make this gig, so he gave it to Noriko. I was 8 months pregnant by the way at that time, so after that TV show, I kinda faded from playing music by having my precious baby. Groovin' Girls still kept regular gig at Brooklyn in NY every Wednesday and did tour, and festivals (like "Sakura Festival" at Kennedy Center) till 2000.

Then I moved out to Tokyo, Takana moved to Atlanta, and Noriko stayed in NY, we piled up our own careers in last decade, and last summer, we reunited and recorded an album "Ruby Road" in Tokyo. This album is our 2nd CD, ended up all tunes were 1st-take of recordings, we had only one and half days to spend together, but we recorded more than 11 tunes, and did photo shooting for CD cover, too. By the way, we call ourself "G.G." since we are not "girls" anymore....

This CD will be on sale 10/16/15 worldwide, details on the way soon. 

Produced by Jun Inoue, JI.Co.,Ltd in Japan, 

宮本 貴奈(p)/ Takana Miyamoto

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植田 典子(b)/ Noriko Ueda

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