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Posted on December 7, 2015 at 9:50 AM


2015 is ending soon!! My annual December event is Tapestry Nutcracker show "Mice and Music" at the Rollins Theatre in the Long Center Performing Arts (tickets are all sold out already!!), then Vipers Desert tour to Terlingua TX (12/27-29)!!

Unfortunately, Vipers doesn't play at the Armadillo Bazeer stage on Xmas eve afternoon this year, 

Minor change is, I will be in Austin for count down to the new year!! Come down to the Eddie V's seafood restaurant 12/31, I will be playing with Jon Blondell trio 7pm-midnight, lets count down to 2016 together!!

AND, I got a spinet piano in my house!! It is very honky tonk now, I should get good well tuning soon, but I am thinking restarting Jazz at Noon online concert series from my house soon next year, stay tuned!!!!

Thank y'all for supporting me, I really appreciate all of you who are cheking my music, website, and coming down to my gigs!!!!!!!

Tapestry Shows

Posted on November 16, 2013 at 2:00 AM

I did a new show for Tapestry at the beginning of this month, It was awesome with brand new Tap company members!! We actually played from Ring of Fire till Roy Hargrove funky composition, include Stand by me and Girl from Ipanema.... it was so full of various music and dance. 

We will be back in December for annual Jazz tap show "Nutcracker"! 




Posted on February 17, 2012 at 2:15 PM

I m so sorry, it is already 2012!!

I went to Big Bend national park for new year's gig with Jitterbug Vipers. This is annual regular gig lately. We played around in downtown ghost town in Terlingua, camped out in desert with 360 full view of toilet. Ghosts along the Brazos was with us, we had a great show at the Starlight Theater on the new year count down show with a Tap dancer Thomas Wadelton from tapestry!!

Things are slow early 2012.

but I just did Tapestry show "Souls of our Feet" with legendary tap dancer Arthur Dunkan on the Valentine night at Texas state university. And their new show "April fools, What If?" with Datri Bean's Butter Bean Band will start March 30th. I am so excited this great new band "Butter Bean Band".

Jitterbug Vipers just recorded new CD which features all viper tunes!! It is on the mixing and mastering process right now, we will have a big CD release "things" soon.

Jazz at Noon -- Lunch with Masumi is now spreading whole world through internet, I m having mails from Europe, and new viewers are all kind of people from all over the world!! I m so excited for this project, too. I m having great guests, singers, and local band in Austin TX. Now, I became more like a producer as much as a drummer!! I ll promote japanese culture, too. I want to spread kimono "Japanese trad. clothes" . so I will upgrade LunchWithMasumi site soon.

visit Lunch with Masumi from here!!



China was blast!!!

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 9:15 AM

I got back in Austin Safely!!

We were in Shanghai mostly, had great times. I made lots of friends. Tapestry have "Jazz nut cracker" show in December, I can't wait to work with them!!


China Tour with Tap Dance Company

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 2:50 PM

Masumi will go on the road with Tap Dancers to China from October 1st till November 1st.

"Tapestry" is the only full time working Tap Dance Company in north America include Canada. China has culture exchange programs with America in this year, and they chose Tap Dance for Shanghai area. The 7th season of Tapestry production "Souls of our feet' will run around Shanghai area 15 locations include media for a month. This is a China government project. I am really honored being part of this project, because jazz is the original American music, and I m participating this culture exchange project as a Japanese jazz musician..... personally this is a big thing for me!!