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Rest of 2021

Posted on November 5, 2021 at 11:05 PM

2021 has been tricky as well as 2020, or even more....

Finally Elephant Room is continuously staying open, my regular Happy Hours came back.

And events and gigs are planned for rest of 2021. Cross fingers and get vaccinated!

Beside my regulars at Elephant Room, I will be at Central Marfket with David Chao and Alex Coke, Shore Raw bar & Grill with Floyd Domino, and I will come down to Boerne TX first time to join Mark Hernandez.

Special events also come up.

Rich Harney tribute show will be at 'Jazz at St. James' this year on Sunday November 13th.

35mm will be at Andrea Ariel Dance Company fundrasing house concert, collaborating 'Sound Painting' with dancers on Sunday November 14th.

Tapestry annual Jazz Nutcracker won't be coming back this year yet though we have a big collarorative show wirh various dancers and musicians in December. 'The Precious Present --- in Love & Light' at the Rollins Theatre Long Center Perfotming Arts.

All the informations are updated now in GIG page, please check it out and hopefully see yall in person!  


summer is over

Posted on August 23, 2017 at 12:05 AM

After Lulu Fest, I am having a pretty mellow (HOT) summer. Yesterday was a big Eclipce day in US, now I feel like summer is almost over.

rest of 2017, I have 3 residence gigs.

every Tuesday

----- 6-8pm Sarah Sharp at Elephant Room

                 Mitch Watkins (g), Pat Harris (b)

1st & 3rd Monday

----- 6-8pm Jitterbug Vipers at Elephant Room

                 Bree Romeo (v), Greg Harkins (g/v), Francie Meaux Jeaux (b)

3rd Thursday

----- 9-11pm 35mm at Firehouse

                 Claude McCan (v/key), Fumihito Sugawara (g), Alan Uribe (b)

also long time regular gig Jitterbug Vipers on Wednesday, Masumi and Gentelmen on Thursday at Lamberts are still on, but too many Happy Hour 2nd stairs private parties replace us, so not much happening right now.

Please come down to say hi to me sometime!

2015 Summer is going!!

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 11:55 PM

Jitterbug Vipers got reformed. 

Without Slim Richey, Jitterbug Vipers is still strongly keeping Austin weird! We invited Bree Bruns Romeo (former Slim Richey band singer) as our new Beta Bitch Viper singer. She sings big, and scatts awesome. Please come down to check her out!! 

New website is

We keep Elephant Room Happy Hour 3-4 nights a month, and C-Boys Heart & Soul on every Friday regularly, and also events, Lamberts, private party etc, too. Check my "gig" page for details

And Sarah Sharp started her new pop project!! She doesn't have official band name yet, though this band is already rocking Austin and Colorado!!!

Wilson Marks and Buffalo Speedway play guitar, Daniel Durham on bass, and Ephraim Owens joined our first gig and Colorado event, too!!

We just had a big show at Stay Gold last Thursday, great Rebecca Havemeyer's band played before us that night! We will play at Continental Gallery 9/8 and 9/15 happy hour, also Stay Gold 12/19. 

And my other big project 35mm is really happening right now!!

We had a great show at Spider House Ball Room last weekend, our tunes were on the radio KOOP last week also for PR of this Spider event.

Our Fumihito Sugawara is a great guitarist and produces awesome art works on our posters, he is from Fukuyama/Hiroshima, we are both from Fukuyama!!!! Is it just a coincident?? I don't think so, we will make something there in a future....

Claude9 McCan on keys, he can play keys with his tongue for real, and I love how he sings. Alan Uribe grooves insane on bass! He is one of a kind on electric bass, very special, I m very lucky to be on the same stage with him!!

And we have Rey Arteaga, Awesome awesome percussionist who won grammy couple years ago with the Latin band "Groupo Fantasma". No word, just catch our show and you know.

We will be at Stay Gold every Wednesday happy hour in September, please catch one of those Wednesdays, we will blow your mind completely!!