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End of Quarantine!

Posted on June 17, 2021 at 12:25 AM

Thank you for supporting us through this quarantine, I had 2 online shows at Monks Jazz Club with limited live audiences sponsored by Austin Jazz Society Project Safety Net, and last night was the last show for this series also. I had blust. Thank you for everyone, thank you thank you.

The first booked gig at Elephant Room in this year actually got postponed, and I couldn't make it for new date and time, so I should let go though now my very first Elephangt Room gig will be with the Jitterbug Vipers, June 23rd Happy Hour 6pm - 8pm, i am crossing my fingers not to be postponed also!

Mitch Watkins concert at Monks Jazz Club --------------------------

Mitch Watkins guitar, Sean Giddings piano, Chris Meresh bass

Alex Coke concert at Monks Jazz Club ------------------------------

Alex Coke wind, Bruce Saunders guitar, James Suter bass

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