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Live On-Air series at Parker Jazz Club

Posted on March 6, 2022 at 2:55 PM

I got selected for one of the initial 'Live On-Air' Artist at Parker Jazz Club's new series!

Since my Masumi and the Gents's pianist Rich Harney left me, I don't have my own band to show up in ATX --- G.G. perfectly fits this venue and theme of this jazz concert series, though still under pandemic condition, it is too hard to get them here to perform, and I have been playing with many beautiful great bands in ATX, so I want to bring up one of those bands I work for years.... the  'Austin Jazz Workshop' to this oppotunity!

Austin Jazz Workshop has been delivering great jazz lectures and concerts to Austin ISD elementary schools and some out of district schools for more than 27 years, this school year is our 28th season, we are introducing 'Herbie Hancock' to the possible future jazz audience.

Because AJW is a NPO jazz program for schools, we are not performing in public much, we used to have once a month or twice public shows but those are gone since pandemic 2020 started, this is a great oppotunity to bring this band up to public, for adult audience, and hopefully increace individual donors to fund this great program, make jazz alive and shine!

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