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Summer has gone! update with Masumi

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 11:45 PM

Summer has gone!!! 

I had a really busy summer.

First, I went to New Orleans Domination tour with the Jitterbug Vipers. It is so shame as a jazz musician, but this is my first time New Orleans!! I got great gigs and great vacation with my sons. Gumbo, Jazz cruise, Boubon street, and DONUTS!!!! I loved square donuts there, I miss it already.

Then, I went back to Japan for vacation, to visit my family, but ended up having a recording in Tokyo with my Berklee friends!! I can't tell details now, but it will be in publick late in this year or early 2015. I can't wait to tell y'all!!

After Japan trip, I went to Colorado Domination with the Jitterbug Vipers. I had a big fun trip and made great friends there. I love Colorado!!

I got back to normal schedule from the end of August, restarted Vipers at Noon channel in Lunch With Masumi online show, I will have Guest at Noon in this month and hopefully Jazz at Noon and Funky at Noon will come back soon.

By the way, as a big band drummer, I m a big fun of Butch Miles who lives near Austin and had a lung transplant surgery lately. Austin Jazz Aliance presented a benefit concert for him at the Elephant Room on Spt. 7th, and I was featured with 4 other great Jazz drummers in Austin, played with Rich Harney, Dan Durham, Jon Blondell, Kris Kimura and special guest Bill Watrous. It was an amazing night, I did skype with Butch but so noisy, couldn't talk, almost just smiling at each other! Thanks for Michael and Laura Mordecai.

Then, the Jitterbug Vipers was invited to KXAN TV show "Studio 512" on Sept. 12th. Here is the link

And October, I will go to Arkansas with vipers for private party and wine down gig, I ll update details on gigs page soon, THEN, to LA for Film festival party which we did last year! 

I m so behind of web updates and everything, I m so sorry.....

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