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Belate Happy New Year.....

Posted on February 18, 2015 at 10:35 PM

I had had really hard difficult new year day, and it had been hard whole through January till turning this amazing February!!

I don't want to tell details, but i had car spinning on the ice, speeding ticket, cut my wrist accidentally, got flu, and got stolen my identity by junk mail.... 

I fixed that car, went to hospital twice, taking diffensive driving course, set up all identity theft alerts for my SSN, bank info and EVERYTHING!! Anyway, I m totally safe and sound right now!! 

Slim is getting better, Jitterbug Vipers is staying strong, played at Paramount Theatre Austin 100 year anniversary event, and I am keeping Slim Richey Band, Jon Blondell Band, 35mm, Rich Harney trio, and subbed Wasabi Big Band so far in2015. 

AND, I am on the new Dell commercial, it just released 2/10, my first actress gig is such a global!!

In this weekend, I will have my band with special guests on this Saturday 2/21 at Brass House (115 San Jacinto Austin TX 78701), "Masumi and the Gents feat. Andre Hayward", with great singer Bree Bruns!! Sticky Lopes (Evan Arredondo) on bass and Carter Arrington on guitar, this will be a super band!

Then, I will sub great Austin top call drummer Scott Laningham on Manday 2/23 at Gallery, yes, I will play Church on Monday, woo hoo!! One of my favorite band in the world! Big thanks for Elias Haslanger!!

Jitterbug Vipers will be on SXSW official showcase in this year also, details will be later. I had all bad things happened in January already, I will have only happy great days in rest of 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone, love y'all!!!!

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