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Still Quarantine-ing --- enjoy G.G.concert and film

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 7:35 PM

G.G. was featured in a short documentary film directed/produced by Mr. Yuta Yamaguchi, and debuted at screening of SXSW 2017. Right after SXSW, this film was screened in Yokohama Japan when we toured in Japan 2017 spring, big thanks for Mr. Koichiro Azami, and everyone who supported us to make it happened. Then, I heard this film went around to film festivals. So this film has not been publicly posted anywhere yet!

Special thanks to Jasga Austin Ms. Kako Ito who kindly produced our CD release concert in Austin 2016!

--- concert video is here

Takana Miyamoto piano, Noriko Ueda, bass

Thank you Elephant Room, Sarah Sharp for producing house concert, Evan Arredondo for bass rental, Soki Yoshida for coming from Japan to film us, Collin Shook for piano tuning, Daniel Flemming for sound, Eric Dorris for photo!

And thank you so much Yuta san!!

We wanna get back in Austin someday!

--- short documentary film 'Jazz Abroad'

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